Building Friends provides a safe, accepting and nurturing environment that focuses on teaching and practicing social skills with preschool age children. These skills will provide opportunities for children to connect with others, form friendships and learn the skills that will allow him or her to socialize successfully throughout his or her life.

Areas of Focus:

Gaining Attention
Joining In
Asking Someone To Play
Turn Taking
Dealing with Feelings
Voice Modulation
Eye Contact

We offer:

  • Professionally trained teacher in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • Designed to assist children ages 3 – 6 years who have difficulty or challenges with social functioning
  • Develop skills that will allow children to socialize successfully throughout their life
  • Children participate in age-appropriate guided social skills lessons and play
  • Fun and structured format for instruction of special skills wiich include circle time, art, games, snack, and guided playtime to help reinforce lesssions learned
  • Monthly schedule includes two, one hour sessions each week and one, three hour session the third Saturday of each month

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